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   To anybody concerned. I Randy C Wilson wrote and hold the copyright of these 2 software titles offered anywhere on the French Road sites.  


  • Documents ( RTF )
  • Envelope Maker
  • Databases...
  • Fast Address Book
  • Accounts & more
  • Fast search with quick dial.
  • CD Tools
  • Screen or region Capture
  • Backup System
  • File Tools
  • Phone Tools
  • Puzzle
  • Yatzee
  • More

Much more. Many useful tools designed to handle the home and office.

Safe carefully made software.


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Safe install will not change your

system files or harm your machine.

Can be reinstalled while saving your data.

 Compatible with Win7

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Installs on x86 and 64 bit machines running windows. 98,NT4,2000,2003 server,xp,vista,7

x86 and 64 bit









                                                                       Breeders Diary
  Never before has it been so important to keep proper records of your animals.

Complete System to easily keep records for animals and there breeding with all the financial and medical records. Complete system keeps more info then you will use, but lets you keep just what you need. Easy to use and fast. Good for people with no time to waste. Lets you backup your data and choose to use that later incase of a machine crash. That's the LightningFast way of doing things right.

  Looks after extensive Medical history with unlimited sub records, searchable and tracks medical finances, the status of the animal with current owner and breeding rights, stud fees and records, complete finance package for cost and income and does the math, Awards including prizes and cash, Pedigree goes 5 generations deep.

Comes with all the tools you need like image capture and manipulation and a good rich document editor. Can email any data, merge and resize images and supports PNG the IP free format.


Designed from the ground up by a Dairy farmer and monitored by a professional dog breeder. Built the LightningFast way to protect the data and make it re-useable for reloads or transfer.

30 Day Trial

Installs on x86 and 64 bit machines running windows. 98,NT4,2000,2003 server,xp,vista,7

x86 and 64 bit

Fast Download Breeders Diary

Download Breeders Diary

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