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      We are going to offer Doberman Pinscher pups of my own personal breed. These are working dogs, my own breed and unregistered.


   Could be its me, but my dogs just seem to get it. They only eat when I am home, they just seem to trust people they know. This stuff seems to get handed down, I get it and the pups get it. They will bond with you and before their a year old they will have a good grasp of reality in the real world.


   These dogs will be about 95% Doberman with just enough mix to promote good health and long life.


   Dobermans are clean, short haired and very intelligent. Dobermans bond with humans and tend to believe the human belongs to them. Which is the reason why the Doberman will defend you till his/her last breath, because you are theirs.


   Next Litter expected soon. Pups from Zoe are turning out to be larger than expected. See the pictures of Frank on the Current Litter page, Frank is currently taller than his dad and is clearly going to be a big boy.


  mailto:randy@frenchroad.tk if interested.




   Zoe and Jake 1st litter

 Zoe and Jake second litter.

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