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Zoe has the pups again.


Zoe is carrying pups again.


 The Pups will be ready to go on around April 1 2012

Its January 26 and Zoe is having pups again at 2 AM.

What to expect.

 Here is some pictures of Frank from the last litter in his 6th month. Same height as his dad but not yet filled out. He is very smart, house trained, stays off the road and stays on the property. Frank is strong and fast, a good climber. He is good around the other animals including the chickens. Frank wont let anybody catch him and barks when people come around. With another year to grow Frank is going to be a big boy .


FrankFrank on left.

Frank on right.Frank on left.

Its 4 AM and there are 3 females and 1 male. They are all brown so far.


Its morning and that is it. 4 pups, all strong and eating.

Anybody seriously wanting a good pup should make arrangements soon.


Pictures coming next.

 They are up and around and sneaking out of the birthing area, now the fun begins.

The pups are on range eggs, milk, porridge, potatoes, wild rice, mixed with the best dog food.

And they love it.



Current Litter ready on the 22 This month.


 Just Pictures

We got a climber. And She is for sale.


Well that is just about it. There is just a single pup left, a female, 8 weeks old, big and strong.












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